We all wish to have an easy life!

Promis, Insurance Brokers, can help you reach this aim, with the offer of a wide range of solutions.

We are at our clients’ disposal, with professional experts, and innovative solutions to get the better coverage for both individuals and large or small corporate customers.

We will work together with you in order to find solutions which fit your needs. It is our aim to become the reliable partner in risk and financial protection for individuals and families, financial institutions, small and medium corporate clients.

Promis can offer you a number of benefits. Your benefit is our experience of more than 20 years in the insurance and financial sector, as well as our national and international network of insurers and service partners, offering a wide range of solutions. We are specialized in solutions for foreigners living in Portugal. We attend our clients in five languages: German, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. We can offer international health insurances and also high risk insurances for crisis zones.

the promoters

Sergio Magnani

Sergio Magnani, was born in Lucerne, Switzerland.

He got the Swiss Federal Insurance Certificate (equivalent to MBA) and started his professional activity in 1976, in the insurance sector, and he never left it. He has been working with various insurance companies, following a progressive career and undertaking more important functions with increased responsibilities. In 1988, he joined Zurich Switzerland as Chief of Claims Department and International Claims Coordinator. Sergio Magnani organized and attended a number of international meetings and workshops in the area of insurances and financial markets, taking advantage of his good knowledge of foreign languages - Portuguese, English, French, Italian, Spanish and German, his mother tongue – and of his excellent personal and professional contacts in various European countries. In 1996, Sergio Magnani arrived at Zurich Portugal, as Account Executive, Industrial Risks. He was with Zurich until June 30, 2003. During that time, he held the functions of Senior Account Executive, Industrial Risks, and was responsible for the area of industrial and international clients of Zurich in Portugal.

He left Zurich to create his own enterprise, promis, Insurance Brokers Ltd.



Ester Magnani

Ester Helena Monica Magnani, was born in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Having completed the regular school, she took up the professional studies, attending the Swiss School of Commerce in Luzern during three years and specializing in the banking area. She has a good knowledge of foreign languages – Portuguese, English, French and German, her mother tongue – and she has excellent professional contacts, mainly connected with bank services and financial products. She started and carried on her professional activity in the area of bank services, mainly in Retail Banking, during ten years, and as Manager Assistant in a consulting company in the computer area (SAP Consulting).

Ester Magnani made a break in her professional career, to take care of the education of her two daughters. When she arrived in Portugal she took her professional activity again, as a free lance professional, organizing firework displays, parties, wedding parties and other social events.

Since 2003, Ester Magnani is registered in the Istituto de Seguros de Portugal as a broker.



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