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Risk Management; Motor and Motor Fleet solutions; Goods and Property Insurance; Personal Accidents Policy; Health Protection; Retirement Plans.

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promis: the best solutions, for you and your family.

Car; Life Insurance; Home Insurance; Health Protection; Travel Insurance; Personal Accidents; Secure Children.

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Risk Management:
The knowledge of Risk and our know-how in Risk Management are fundamental for the development of a tailor made solution in order to protect best your business. Together with you, we can find the best solutions for you and your staff.

Motor and Motor Fleet solutions
Third party liability insurance is compulsory in Portugal. Further to that, we recommend to protect your vehicles with a hull or casco coverage, assuring mobility by replacement cars in case of accident. If your company runs more than ten cars, a unique motor fleet policy helps you to administer your fleet. We will grant and administrate all changes and claims with the Insurance company.

Goods and Property Insurance
Protect your enterprise against the risks that might affect it. From electronic equipment to machines, do not let your equipment without coverage. Further to that, a Business Interruption coverage grants a financial stability in case of an unforeseen occurrence.

Personal Accidents Policy
In addition to the compulsory workmen’s compensation policy, this solution offers to your employees additional coverage for accidents occurring out of normal work hours. Medical Expenses, Invalidity or Death and more can be included in the scope of cover of the policy.

Workmen’s Compensation - Accident insurance
This compulsory insurance protects the staff of your company, covering accidents during fulfilment of their duties. It is essential, for a good operation of your company, that your employees, in case of injury, may have a good medical assistance, as well as payment of the salary during their disability to work.

Health Protection
The Health Insurance represents a guaranty of the best private medical assistance. The base of this insurance covers Hospital Assistance, with the possibility to include also Ambulatory Expenses, Stomatology, Childbirth Expenses, and others. You can take advantage of fiscal benefits, in accordance with law.

Retirement Plans
Build up your future today! Help your employees to keep in their old age the same standard of living they now have. Plans may or may not be extended to their consorts. IRC and IRS deductible.


Car Insurance
Insure your car, in compliance with the law (Liability against Third Parties), or choose a more extensive coverage. You can insure your passengers, you can be covered against your own Damages. You can ask for Replacement Car, and Travelling Assistance. Promis also offers Legal Assistance, independent from your insurer.

Industrial Injuries
Compulsory insurances, in compliance with Portuguese law, for workers on one’s own, on behalf of others, and for domestic workers. They cover accidents which may occur in the fulfilment of their duties, and on the way to their place of work.

Life Insurance (Risk)
Insure your most valuable property: your own life! Be sure that in case of Death, Invalidity or Permanent Inability, a capital is granted to enable you and your family to keep the same standard of life.

Secure Children
Protect your son even when you cannot be present. Allow him to grow up free, but make sure that his future may not be endangered by his plays.

When you insure your home, you grant the protection of your own property and of that of your family (building and its contents). This insurance allows a broad Base Coverage, and the possibility to include a number of Additional Coverages (Earthquakes, Electronic Equipment, Machine Breakdowns, etc.), to suit your needs.

Leisure boats
Protect your boat before taking it to the sea! An insurance for small and medium boats (motor boats and sailing boats, water bikes, jet ski) will cover damage caused by driver and passengers, as well as damage caused by third parties.

Be secured while you travel, on holiday or on business. This insurance offers a capital payment in case of Death and/or Permanent Invalidity, and payment of Treatment Expenses. It may also cover your luggage.

Liability for Dogs
Insure your dog, in compliance with the law! Do you know that the owners of potentially dangerous dogs, such as Brazilian shepherd, Pitt Bull Terrier and Rottweiller, according to Portuguese law, must have a liability insurance? Besides taking care of your dog’s training, you should protect yourself against its misbehaviour.

Personal Accidents
The Personal Accidents Insurance will help you to face unexpected events. When a Secured Person has an accident causing Death, Permanent Invalidity, or bringing about Medical Expenses, your Insurer will place a capital at your disposal.

Have a Health Insurance, and be sure that you will get the best private assistance whenever you need it, even at home. Our partners can also offer you discounts at chemists’ shops and opticians. Insurance may cover yourself and your family.

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